For water services, a normal residential service (5/8” X 3/4” meter) will cost $1,100.00.  This includes the cost of the meter pit or vault, the meter, as well as labor, and material costs.  If your property already has a meter pit or vault available, the cost for a normal residential service is only $500.00, which covers the cost of the meter.  For larger services, the actual cost for labor and materials are calculated and billed to the customer on an individual basis.

For commercial water services, the builder is responsible for providing everything but the actual tap to the public main.  CCU will make the tap and bill the customer for all labor and material costs.

For a sewer tap, the cost is $70.00, which is a reimbursement to CCU for the cost of inspecting the sewer connection to the main.

Please note, while the application for services must be made by the eventual customer, the excavator is responsible for obtaining the sewer tap permit and making the actual connection.