Summer Sewer Allowance (SSA) will begin with your usage in June, which is shown on your July bill.

As the weather gets warmer, always remember to use water wisely and sparingly. Also, remember that for most residential customers, your sewer charges are based upon your water consumption, except for the months of June through September, when your sewer charges are based on your average water consumption from the previous February through April. Your SSA will begin after your meter is read in June and you receive your July bill.

For example, your May 20 to June 20 usage will be on your July bill.

If you water early or late in the season, you may want to consider purchasing an irrigation meter and creating an irrigation account. Also, if you receive your monthly bill via email, you will receive it sooner, leading to earlier notification of when your SSA begins. If you currently receive a paper bill, but would like to begin receiving your bill via email, please call our office and our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you!