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Am I eligible to receive services from CCU?

If you live within the city limits of Columbus, Indiana, you are eligible to receive service from Columbus City Utilities (CCU). CCU is a municipally owned and operated utility. It has certain procedures for citizens of the City to gain services and different procedures for those who live outside the corporate limits. If you live [...]

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How do I know if CCU facilities are available near my home?

If you reside within the City limits, there are probably water and sewer facilities available to your property, but sometimes there are exceptions. Recent annexations or old property subdivisions sometimes create "pockets" where extensions are required. The CCU will work with you in extending facilities to your site if this is the case, but extensions [...]


How much will it cost?

After it has been determined that facilities are available to your property, the next question to answer is whether or not assessments are due on the property. Assessments are fees charged by the Utilities to assist in the payment for the pipes adjacent to your property. The rates are set by local ordinance and cannot [...]


How much are the connection fees?

Residential: For water services, a normal residential service (5/8” X 3/4” meter) will cost $1,100.00.  This includes the cost of the meter pit or vault, the meter, as well as labor, and material costs.  If your property already has a meter pit or vault available, the cost for a normal residential service is only $500.00, [...]

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