Water Services
Connection fees paid by the customer cover the costs associated with the installation of a water meter and pit. This means the location of the pit may have already been determined at the time of your application. The CCU Distribution Department will tap the public main and extend a service line to the approximate property line and will set a meter pit and meter. It remains your responsibility to install and connect to the pit and to the building system. During busy construction seasons it may take up to two weeks or more to install the service.

Sewer Services
When sewer lines are installed, building wyes or laterals are installed for buildings to connect to. These wyes are typically 6″ in diameter and located at a depth no greater than five to six feet below the surface. Newer wyes may have a section of pipe protruding above the ground surface to facilitate location. When sewer tap permit is obtained, the Engineering department will work with the excavator to locate the sewer lateral. This is done through a combination of methods using first record, or “as built,” measurements provided to the department, and then magnetic location techniques. If these other methods prove ineffective, the wye can be located using television line inspection equipment. The excavator hired by the customer is responsible for the final location of the lateral and connection of the building system to the public sewer. Before the excavator backfills the trench they should call the Engineering department for a final inspection.

Who should I hire to do my part?
CCU does not make recommendations for, or against, private contractors or vendors. It is a requirement that excavators who obtain sewer tap permits provide us with a proof of insurance so we may be protected against any liability due to any negligence.