Summer Sewer Allowance (SSA) is defined by local ordinance which specified all residential customers will receive a sewer adjustment for the months of June through September.  In general, sewer charges are based upon your water consumption.  However, during SSA, your sewer charges are based on your average water consumption for the months of February through April.  This allows for customers to sprinkle their lawn, water flowers, etc. without paying for an increase in sewer charges since the water consumed is not going down the sewer drain.  SSA will begin after your meter is read in June and you receive your bill in July.  During SSA, all customers receiving the allowance are not eligible for additional sewer adjustments caused by a leak or pool fill.

For our customers who prefer to water early or late in the season, we offer irrigation meters for purchasing.   If you receive your monthly bill via email, you will receive earlier notification of when your SSA begins. If you currently receive a paper bill, but would like to begin receiving your bill via email, please contact our office and our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you.

SSA ends when your meter is read in September and is reflected on the October bill.