The CCU maintains and will make any necessary repairs to the water main, the service line leading up to the meter pit and the meter pit, including the meter. The line leading from the customer’s side of the meter is considered the customer’s responsibility to maintain and any water usage recorded on the meter will be billed accordingly. (A sewer credit can sometimes be arranged if it is shown that a leak caused large quantities of water to pass through the meter and not enter the sewer system).

Unlike water lines, the customer assumes a responsibility for the building lateral when they connect. The sewer use ordinance defines a building sewer as beginning at the branch wye from the mainline sewer. The customer is therefore responsible for every part of the sanitary sewer system that serves only his site. This can sometimes mean that the homeowner must make repairs that are located within the public right of way. In these cases, care must be taken in selecting contractors capable of performing this type of work. The homeowner should check with the City Engineer before final hiring of a contractor.