On December 8, 2021, Columbus City Utilities (CCU) was awarded the Plant of the Year honors by the Southern Indiana Operators Association (SIOA) at their annual meeting in Franklin, Indiana. The award was presented to CCU in recognition of the excellence displayed at its wastewater plant, located on South Jonesville Road in Columbus.=

Columbus City Utilities was eligible to receive this award since they had hosted an SIOA event in 2021. A committee from SIOA inspected the plant earlier this year and rated it based on its appearance, operations, and efficiency. The group also interviewed Randy Duckworth, CCU Manager of Operations, and was very impressed by the amount of Biological Phosphorus removal completed at the plant.

Constructed in 2010, CCU’s Wastewater Treatment Plant began operations in May 2011. It averages a daily flow of 13.9 million gallons of water and can handle a peak of 39 million gallons of water for treatment per day.

Established in 1972, the SIOA is a not-for-profit organization providing education and networking to professionals in the wastewater/water recovery field. The SIOA is dedicated to preserving and protecting water resources for all communities and strives to serve, educate and perform outreach to communities in southern Indiana. Members are not only operators but engineers, scientists, laboratory personnel, supervisors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, governmental representatives, and citizens throughout Southern Indiana. Learn more about SIOA at sioaonline.org.