Jamie Brinegar has accepted the role of Manager of Business and Finance Operations and will be joining Columbus City Utilities on April 3. Jamie has extensive experience with 16 years of Risk Management, 18 years in Finance, and 7 years in Operations. Jamie previously served as the director for business services for the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department before being appointed as the City’s financial director in 2016. While at the City he participated in the management of all aspects of the City of Columbus operations including strategy development, policy development, and execution. His duties included monitoring the City operations in finance, budget and accounting strategy, risk/insurance, purchasing, human resources, information technology, and office management. He worked with the Mayor, City Council, City Clerk-Treasurer, and Department Heads, and was responsible for producing and presenting the City’s annual budget ($80 Million) from inception to City Council and State approval. Jamie meets regularly with local, state, and federal officials to discuss policies and their effect on municipal government. CCU is fortunate to bring someone of his caliber and experience to CCU.