Several Columbus City Utilities employees attended the Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA) conference in Fort Wayne on August 23 – 25. IWEA is an association dedicated to preserving and protecting Indiana’s waterways by educating its members and the citizens of Indiana about the importance of our water environment.

Two Columbus City Utilities employees, Travis Calhoun, Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent and Chris Murray, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, completed the IWEA Leadership Development Institute program. The curriculum is specifically designed for water and wastewater professionals looking to advance their careers in the industry. The program consists of 10 courses and students meet over a 12-month period. Each course is handpicked and structured to best develop and inspire future water industry leaders. Columbus City Utilities congratulates Travis and Chris for being part of the 2022-2023 graduating class.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent, Travis Calhoun was presented with the IWEA Tumble Bug Award. The award was created to recognize IWEA committee members, program presenters and other journeymen within the organization who throughout the year labor industriously on behalf of the Association. Recipients are selected and deemed worthy by the Awards Committee and/or the Executive Committee. Columbus City Utilities congratulates Travis on his continued dedication to IWEA and for his continued efforts to preserve and protect Indiana’s waterways.

Travis Calhoun, Wastewater Plant Superintendent and Chris Murray, Wastewater Plant Operator accepted the IWEA 2023 Biosolids Award on behalf of Columbus City Utilities. The Biosolids Award recognizes utilities who make significant contributions in the development and implementation of cost-effective, environmentally safe, and publicly acceptable biosolids beneficial use practices, which recycles nutrients, improves soil conditions, or otherwise conserves valuable natural resources. Columbus Utilities was selected due to not having any violations in the past year, meeting compliance requirements, and having renewable resources. Congratulations to our wastewater plant staff.