As part of its annual flushing program for the water system, the Columbus City Utilities typically flushes hydrants in September. Information on dates and areas is typically released to local media and will appear under the News section of the website.

The purpose of the flushing is to remove iron and manganese sedimentation from the water mains. This sedimentation, while completely safe from a health standpoint, can cause discoloration of clothing and other articles if agitated and brought into solution. Customers may experience some discoloration of their water in certain sections of the city during flushing. It is recommended that residents of the area being flushed avoid washing laundry the evening of the flushing as well the next morning.

Motorists are asked to use caution when approaching flushing crews. If the water spout obscures your vision of the roadway beyond the hydrants, please obey the directions of the Utility employee and wait for the flush to end. Parents are asked to please keep children from playing in the water flows, or around the flushing crews. The roads are generally open to all traffic and motorists may not see children due to the water spray.