1. Come to the CCU office:  You will have to sign a customer service agreement before we can give you service so it is mandatory for you to visit our offices at 1111 McClure Road and discuss your connections with our Customer Services Representative. When you plan your trip it will be helpful to have some specific information about your property to help us calculate your total charges. A little preparation can save you repeated trips.
  2. Bring your property description (if you have it): Assessment charges are based upon the lengths of your property lines adjacent to water or sewer lines. In addition, whether or not assessments even apply to your case can be dependent on the subdivision in which you live. Your mailing address is often not enough to determine these charges. This can be as complex as a full legal survey or as simple as a deed stating something like “Lot 5 of Any wood Addition”.
  3. Know the history of your property: If your property has been served before you may not need to pay assessments. Sometimes properties are served for years and then replatted. If the street address of the property has changed then we will have no record that assessments have been paid for the new address. The more you can tell us about the history of your site the less likely these errors are to happen.
  4. Don’t Worry: If you are unable to determine any of the above we can look them up for you, although this may add some extra time to the process.