The events of the past few weeks have caused all of us to pause and reflect on how the coronavirus has impacted our way of life. In communities all across Indiana, residents are making lifestyle changes to address this pandemic and are genuinely asking “what’s next and what can I do about it?” Those questions will require a commitment to work together unlike any that we have faced since World War II.

At Columbus Utilities, we want you to know that our drinking water supply is safe. We have taken strides so that our wastewater systems are prepared to meet the needs of our community.

We also believe in teamwork. That is why we are following Governor Holcomb’s Executive Orders that mandate workplace and societal changes to reduce the spread of the virus. We are working with Mayor Lienhoop to remain an effective and cooperative partner in service delivery in our community.

We have made temporary changes to better serve the public through customer service. Our professionals will continue to perform repairs and maintenance activities to serve our 19,000 customers. We will remain solid stewards of funds supported by your utility rates. Our management team at Columbus City Utilities will continue to communicate regularly.

One major aspect of these changes will be the use of estimated bills for the vast majority of our customers. We will continue to estimate these bills until we can deploy the necessary procedures to perform regular meter reading. Meter reading and billing will remain unchanged for most of our large commercial and industrial customers. Billing cycles and payment due dates remain unchanged.

To comply with Governor Holcomb’s Executive Orders, we are trying to limit contact between the public and Utility staff. To that end, our lobby on McClure Road is closed to the public. Our drive-up window is open as usual. Callers may experience longer wait times due to our temporary revised scheduling and policies.

Finally, the working men and women of Columbus City Utilities remain on the job and available for duty 24 hours a day. Our sixty-five employees are one of the main reasons that service delivery and customer service will remain priorities as we deal with this national and state emergency.

In closing, let us all remember that our community has endured constant change. In the past, we have weathered economic, weather-related and societal issues that have challenged the very strength and compassion of every resident. We will endure and persevere through this latest challenge to our nation and to our community.

Thank you and please continue to be a good neighbor in Columbus and Bartholomew County.

Columbus City Utilities